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Rain Drops


Below are answers to several frequently asked questions. Click here to download the FAQs as a PDF

  • What safety measures are being undertaken, both during and after construction?
    During construction there will be construction barriers installed for pedestrian safety and to prevent vehicles from entering.The detention system will have a series of stepped retaining walls that will create safety shelves for protection.
  • How will the detention fill up with water?
    Once the storm sewer system fills during a heavy rain event, the stormwater will backflow into the PIE fields for temporary storage until the storm sewer system drains out and is able to accept water.
  • How long will the fields be unusable after a flood?
    Currently the fields don’t drain very well and water can “pond” on the surfaces for long periods of time. The proposed field underdrain system will greatly increase the field’s ability to drain water and return to use, typically within several hours, but not likely more than 48 hours.
  • Will snow be dumped into the park by the Village?
    No, the Village will not use the fields to dump snow.
  • What will the slope/grading of the sport fields be?
    Grading and layout of the sports fields is still being determined, but the plan is to keep the integrity of the sport field designs (e.g. crowned football field, raised infield for baseball fields, etc.).
  • What happens when there is debris in the flood water?
    The storm sewer system will backflow through a storm pipe in the PIE fields. The storm sewer system has a series of stormwater structures within the roadway, and those structures have grates and sump pits in the bottom to collect debris. The Village of Oak Lawn Public Works Department conducts street cleaning and regular inspections and cleanings of the storm sewer system to reduce debris.
  • Who is going to maintain the fields?
    The fields will be maintained by the School District, and the sewer infrastructure (including the underdrain system) will be maintained by the Village.
  • Will the system have an alarm for residents when the pond receives water?
    No, there will be no alarm or signal when water enters the fields. However, the Village’s Public Works Department will monitor the fields very closely during heavy rain events.
  • Will the new field be artificial turf?
    No, the fields will remain natural grass. The fields cannot be turf, as the stormwater would wash out the rubber pellets utilized in turf fields and clog the drainage system downstream.
  • Are we adding additional stormwater drainage to this system?
    No, there will be no new or re-routed sewers being added to the system.
  • Are residents going to be able to get down to the field level?
    Yes, ramps and stairs will be constructed that will allow access for all residents to the fields.
  • When will construction take place?
    The plan is to begin construction in the Fall of 2024 so the fields will be available for use in the Spring of 2026 (the fields require two growing seasons prior to use, which would occur in the Spring and Fall of 2025).
  • What is the cost of the project and how is it being funded?
    The construction cost of the project is still being determined. The Village is coordinating with MWRD for possible grant funding. The School District will not be responsible for funding any of these improvements.
  • Will our property taxes increase?
    There is no planned tax-increase specific to this project.
  • Is there a similar project like this in our area?
    Yes, the Villages of Mount Prospect, Downers Grove, Libertyville, and Wilmette both completed similar projects in partnership with their Park District.
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